Ogon Tea Bowl

Ogon Tea Bowl


I wanted to get one more wood firing before the new year. We started up my Anagama ( a type of wood kiln) last week and fired it for 48 hours. There is a 2.5 foot fire box in the front of the kiln where you load in the wood. The grate that holds that wood up broke on me this firing… all 5 grate bricks collapsed at 2000 degrees F. What this meant was that I was unable to gain temperature at this point. What I decided to do instead was fire it until I ran out of wood ( to ensure a ton of ash built up) and re-fire all of the work in my electric kiln so that the ash would properly melt. Collectively these pots have been through 65 hours of firing. For various reasons (cracks etc.) I lost about a third of the work. The work that is being shared I am thrilled about! If you head over to my instagram and go to my highlights for Dec wood 2020 you will be able to see the entire process. 


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