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Moonlight Shibo


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All of my shiboridashi hold roughly 120 ml. I do no recommend filling them any more then that or they will not pour properly. When pouring, pour slowly and I recommend adjusting the lid so the hole is facing the spout. If for some reason they are not pouring to your liking, try taking the lid off for that step. 

I have been focusing on different types of teaware recently, moving away from Japanese styles teabowls and moving into Chinese tea vessels for Gong Fu Cha. I am still considering my cups as guinomi even though they are styles after Chinese cups but the main difference is that I am trying to get as thin and as light as I can. This only applies to half of my firing. I like to make a variety of vessels in a variety of styles so if light/Chinese influenced is not your cup of tea there is work on my shop that goes back towards the Japanese influence I have been cultivating for the past 5 years. 
Each piece was fired for 28 hours in a gas kiln where at peek temperature I spray in soda ash (sodium carbonate). What is unique about a soda firing is that even if I was to not glaze my pots, the sodium will bond with the clay and create its own glaze. 

This particular pot is a member of my Moonlight series. I use a glaze called Willy Helix in this series that is a dark green, almost black glaze but when it is struck with soda ash it turns a magnificent blue. If you are lucky it can even go a dark, crystal red. Many (but not all) of these pots are unglazed and matte in texture inside, perfect for viewing your tea or whatever liquid you decided to put in them. These do not only make great tea vessels but they could be used as a candle holder or to hold salt. I always like to call them one thing and say they are for a specific purpose but they could be for wherever your imagination brings you. 

All of my pots are food safe 
something I like to write about every so often is that glaze is not what makes a pot food safe, so places where the soda ash could not reach that stayed matte in texture is still okay because the clay (the important part) got to temperature, 2384 degrees F.